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Where’s your 90s chic?

90’s chics are the coolest of them all, if you ask me. She’s all about confidence, free-spirit, independence and grace. She listened to Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, Oasis and loved them more than she loved the stilettos her Mom bought... Continue Reading →

Fely J’s Kitchen

Being born and raised from provinces known for cooking the best meals our country has to offer, our Kapampangan and Bulakenya tastebuds has quite a standard when it comes to food. Looking for something new, we tried Fely J's Kitchen... Continue Reading →

Borderline Food Park

Food parks were a thing back in 2016. There was 150 Maginhawa food park, Merkanto: International street food, The Yard, Boxpark, Gastro Park Kapitolyo, the Banchetto in cubao and many more. But before 2016 ended, there was one more that... Continue Reading →

Dear 2016: This is what I’d like to thank you for

Okay, given that it is already the 12th of January, this post might be a little too late to thank you for everything that you have done for me. But believe me, you deserve this.   I lie down to... Continue Reading →

Tangadan Falls

  Of all the Water Falls I have visited, Tangadan is the only one I visited twice (by far). Aside from it is very accesible from Manila, it also doesn't hurt my wallet that much. It is located in San Gabriel,... Continue Reading →

Starbucks Planner: One cup at a

I am not really a Starbucks drinker given that their coffee is even more expensive than my motor bike's gas. But the mermaid design of the 2017 planner really got me. So I thought, 18 stickers for this planner? Why... Continue Reading →

What got me through 2016

2016 has been one tough year packed with so much adventure, memories, troubles and problems. Now one thing I hate is being caught in any situation, good or bad, looking broke, or even worse, looking like people i hate. Charot.... Continue Reading →

Buntot-Palos Falls

Waterfalls reminds me so much about how life is on constant movement. And that, my friend, is only one of the many reasons why I love it so much. I remember when I was little, the only waterfalls that I know... Continue Reading →

Renting 101

"Meh, kailangan ko na talaga mag rent." This line was followed by what is commonly known as umaatikabong balitaktakan. But I was able to convince her in the end. Take note that we had multiple rounds of umaatikabong balitaktakan, having just one would be way too easy and if you have a mom like mine, you'll know one round won't get you this kind of deal.

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