I am not really a Starbucks drinker given that their coffee is even more expensive than my motor bike’s gas. But the mermaid design of the 2017 planner really got me. So I thought, 18 stickers for this planner? Why not?

Being a frustrated mermaid, (‘yong tipong malulunod agad basta lumagpas na ng 5ft) I sort of fell in love with the planner. Also, wala lang. Hahahaha Just another soshal climbing activity. It took me forever to collect 18 stickers kasi hello? Ang hirap mangulit ng mga tao na sasama sakin gumastos ng 160-200 pesos for a cup of coffee or frappe. So this entry is also to thank them.

To Aly, of course. Na nastress talaga Sa akin since nirerequire ko sya na pag magkakape ako,kailangan sya din.

Then to Alvin, (ayieee hahaha) na supportive sa pagiipon ko ng stickers para sa pinapangarap na planner. He kept track of how many stickers I already have, treats me so I get stickers and makes sure we drop by Starbucks each time we see each other.

It’s only the three of us who contributed kasi the rest of my friends are collecting stickers as well. Some of them were even wondering since they know I love planners, journals, stationeries and that I am a hoarder and that I have a lot of notebooks already. But, I dont have a Starbucks planner yet. Okay??

Here it is! Aly took this photo for me.
The effort though. Hahahaha

It was over all a good experience. Some might not find it a good one and might even think na mababaw, and yes, magastos din, but being a big fan of coffee, it was nice. To think that I got to bond over coffee with those na inaya ko. We bond over a shitload of different things and yeah we could bond over instant coffee but it was an experience, and a good one as well. Having something to look forward to was also good. It was actually some kind of goal setting exercise for me. Hahahahaha we also had the chance to visit different Starbucks branches, which is really cool since I used to, and still dream to at least experience being a barista. So shout out to Starbucks staff in Uptown mall in taguig, Sm Sta.Mesa, savemore in vmapa and the Two branches in Greenhills. You guys are great!

Fake it till you make it. If  you dont have a plan, at least look like you have one!

So, till next year!