90’s chics are the coolest of them all, if you ask me. She’s all about confidence, free-spirit, independence and grace. She listened to Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, Oasis and loved them more than she loved the stilettos her Mom bought her. No one could ever rock a sexy, natural and chemical-free tousled hair the way she does and the way she carries her “Tita” clothes will make you want to put her on magazines. She cried over “The Notebook”, “A Walk to Remember”, “When Harry Met Sally”, “Jesse and Celeste Forever”, and many more tear jerking net flicks that she might still love until now she might even give you her rare heart eyes ever you invite her for a marathon of these lovelies.


She’s an old soul and she knows that very well. But what really happened to a 90s chic when all these worldly changes came into picture? Technology, advancement, weather, travel, this and that..


How were you able to handle the changes, and really, what has become of you, 90s chic?


When she was younger, she used to dance with glee when someone gives her a cheap chocolate and some wild flower picked along the side of the road. She’s not that anymore. She knows how to earn now. And she knows that if you’re not earning enough or if you’re not earning more that she does, she knows very well how to reject such gifts. Yes, she became practical. She learned the art of knowing her value. Chocolates will make her fat anyways. She wants effort. She wants commitment. She wants passion. In a world of constant change, she wants something she can hold on to.


She was told not to flash too much of her body. Too much of herself. She’s not that anymore. She learned that no one should ever tell her what she can and what she cannot do. Not because she’s defiant, but because she knows enough when will she be crossing the line. She’s smart enough to know what’s good and bad for her own sake. People needs to know she’s not doing it for attention. She didn’t buy the bikini and forced herself to work-out during weekends and after working hours to do so. She didn’t even have to ask for it and anyone who takes it against her.. well, that’s on them. Because you know what’s more important for a 90s chic than unsolicited opinions? Freedom.


She is career driven. She watched her mother stayed inside the house while her Dad did all the work. She wanted to be just like her Dad. Dependable and able. But that’s hard in a world where gender equality rises as one major issue. She became competitive. She promised that she will do more for herself, every-freaking-day. She will fight for that prize or promotion like her life depends on it. She will stand her ground and will shake others.


She’s outgoing, she became a wanderer. She loves vacations as much as she loves driving her career forward. You might wonder how she does it and that’s the thing. She always can. She’s not afraid of trying out new things, going places no one has ever set foot on. She’s beautiful in her own bravery. She will go into the wild and leave you behind if you don’t have enough heart to share and she will not be sorry.


She is and will always be a 90s chic. And in this millennial times, she learned how to be so much more. She thanked every part of her years for the woman she has become and for that, she will always be proud.




Your 90’s chic