Being born and raised from provinces known for cooking the best meals our country has to offer, our Kapampangan and Bulakenya tastebuds has quite a standard when it comes to food. Looking for something new, we tried Fely J’s Kitchen in Uptown mall. The place looked utterly simple having capiz shell panels on some parts of the wall as its accent, wooden sets of chairs and tables and of course Fely J’s huge portrait on the center of the wall facing the store front.

The restaurant was actually in memory of Felicidad de Jesus-Cruz and her recipes, her portrait made that pretty clear to everyone. Fely might have been kikay as well, just look at its menu; all pink and girly af.


“The restaurant offers a variety of Filipino and Asian dishes served Fely J’s style: fresh, natural and attractive, just as she was herself, a pretty, adventurous woman who grew old gracefully without artificial touches.” – LJCRestaurants

Okay Fely, we know you’re pretty and graceful but let’s be honest about your recipes. There’s nothing extraordinary about it. To describe it in a word: decent. It was good, the kind of good that you can eat and is totally acceptable. But not the kind of good that will make someone come back for more. Nothing remarkable about it. Nothing personal Fely but the taste just didn’t justify the prices on your pink menu.

Not sure if it’s just this branch that might have been a factor of how our food tasted. Perhaps it’s a lot better in other branches, so I’m speaking in reference to our experience here in uptown mall. We would’ve tried the best sellers but they weren’t available. Here’s what filled our tummies during our visit:


If I’m gonna rate Fely J’s from 1-10, with 10 being the highest, it’s a 6. Decent tasting food but certainly, there are other food chains that offers the same menu with a much better deal.

But Fely J, what I liked the most is your pink menu. 😉