Okay, given that it is already the 12th of January, this post might be a little too late to thank you for everything that you have done for me. But believe me, you deserve this.


I lie down to bed. I comb my hair. I tie my shoe lace. I put lipstick on. There’s always this part in  my mind that keeps on thanking you. Whatever it is that I am doing, I always find myself absent-mindedly smiling and looking back to all the things you are made of. But before anybody else picture rainbows, unicorns, and cotton candy land.. let me break it for you. 2016, thank you, for bringing the greatest storm in my life and breaking me into pieces.


I used to hate you. Do you remember the time I took a cab on my way home from work and silently cursing the driver for asking too much question about my face all wet and my uncontrollable hiccups because I almost got myself a police blotter report? Yes. I hated you that day. How about that one night I woke up with a pang of ache and there was too much blood everywhere and I couldn’t ask anyone for help because I was too scared? Yes, I hated you that day. And the day you took away my most precious and favorite gift of all time, do you remember what my face looked like when I was informed it was gone? I can swear to God, I don’t have much blood left that day, but it all went down to zero when I was informed about it. And yes, I absolutely hated you that day.


That isn’t all yet but you see, I hated you with every piece of vein I have in my body. But eventually, you showed me much more. Much more of life and reality.


I learned to love you when you showed me how tough you are. Thank you for teaching me to set my feet on the ground when I lost my career path because it turned out, setting my feet on the ground will take me to the right path. The path of hope and humility. You were the best when you took me up to the summit of mountains and terraces and you let me see the horizon, you let me enjoy dancing without any music. Moreover, you showed me the magnificent sunsets of my land and the coldest air of the North. You guided me towards South and let me see all those enchanting waterfalls. You dived with me underneath the sea where gorgeous corals and sea creatures settle their lives with the waves gently touching them. My feet followed you where amazing people’s hands are waiting to be shaken by mine. They are part of my life now and I couldn’t be any more thankful for their good souls. We celebrated your Christmas. It was the first in a span of  probably more than a decade that I celebrated it with my Family. You created a beautiful night that day. But your beautiful night didn’t stand a chance with my Mom because she was at her most beautiful that night, gleaming with happiness and millions of unspoken “Welcome Home”.  You pulled my heart within the center of my home Island, and you teach me how to let go. I cried a heck lot. But I let go.


I honestly don’t know how to thank you for everything that you have done for me but I can pinpoint one specific thing that I’d like to thank you for. I’d like to thank you for lying down to the ground, grinded by my feet while I shout for victory at the end of the day. You were tough. But I was tougher.