Of all the Water Falls I have visited, Tangadan is the only one I visited twice (by far). Aside from it is very accesible from Manila, it also doesn’t hurt my wallet that much. It is located in San Gabriel, La Union which is only a bus ride away from the city. You can take a bus along EDSA-Cubao bound to Laoag City and ask the driver to drop you off at San Gabriel or San Juan, La Union. From there, you can negotiate with tricycle drivers to take you to the falls. Haggle as much as you can!


The first time I visited Tangadan was back in March of 2016. They have a different trail back then which in my opinion, is harder than the current one. The current trail going to the falls is much easier to take and have lesser risk of slipping your ass off. But what I liked most about my visit back in March is we had the place all to ourselves. There were no other tourist during our visit. If I remember correctly because in all honesty, all I can remember about that trip is that, I was madly in love. And since we’re talking about it here already, one thing I learned about travelling with a special someone is that, you will fall in love with them more than you fall in love with the place you are visiting. No matter how beautiful the place is. That is why, I fell in love with Tangadan Falls the second time I visited it, not on the first one.


I sat down and watched the Water Falls showing off its beauty. Reminding me of everything that is good in life I almost cried. I’m not even kidding. We can joke about anything under the sun but not about me being emotional in front of a waterfall.


Another good thing about Tangadan is that they offer a cliff jumping activity. All you need to have is guts! They have 10ft. and 20ft. high cliffs and if you don’t know how to swim, they also got you covered! Life vests are on display for P50.00. After visiting the Falls, you can surf some waves at the beach which is only a tricycle away.


La Union will always have a special spot in my heart. I’m even thinking of including it as one of my annual travel destination. As of now, I only have one annual travel destination which I believe, deserves a separate post.


Til’ my next adventure!