2016 has been one tough year packed with so much adventure, memories, troubles and problems. Now one thing I hate is being caught in any situation, good or bad, looking broke, or even worse, looking like people i hate. Charot. (But we all know there’s truth in that). So here’s a list of my fave products this year na nakatulong para maitawid ko ang taon looking like the fresh mess that I am. Charot, arte. Hahahaha
PS: This isn’t sponsored, but hey, hit me up, kung may gusto man magsponsor. Ehem! Hahahaha

#MTMG For procudcts with this hashtag, what I mean to say is Mas tumatagal, mas gumaganda

Dove Nutritive Solutions; Oxygen and Nourishment
I have really oily hair and colored as well. I tend to be outgoing din given na maya’t maya kami bored ni Aly. So I love this one from Dove kasi what I hate most (aside sa face ni ano) is oily and limp looking hair. I want my hair bouncy and fresh looking AF, and this one claims to restore hair’s natural volume.  So for those of you with oily hair and scalp like me, ito ang sagot girls. It lives up to its claims and has really cute packaging din.  It leaves your hair frash af so I’m ready for any situation that requires a hair flip. (I.E proving someone wrong)

Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap
Girls, ito ang sagot sa mestiza slash rosy cheeks dreams nyo. Well, mejo matapang sya but matuto magtiis para sa dream kutis. This is so good and provides really visible results within days. Also, pag naliligo ako gusto ko ung squeaky clean feeling once I’m done. Very affordable din. Kaya naman Hashtag-Holy grail. #MTMG

Olay whitening bar with rose and milk
I have normal to dry skin so partner to ni Kojie pag bath time ko. Tamad ako maglotion so I personally love this one. Also, i love its scent. Very fresh with floral hints. Moisturizes without the sticky feeling din. I don’t think I can say it does whiten kasi I’m using it with Kojie. I’m just in for the scent and the mositure it provides.

Fave body wash:

Lux White Impress
-My normal bath wouldnt take more than 15-20 minutes. However, taking a bath is already pampering for me, so at least twice a week, I have pampering rituals na pasok sa bath time. So once I’m done and all I wanna do is smell and feel more fresh, this body wash and my trusted pang hilod is all i need. Very relaxing ung scent and ung bubbles. I have a thing for bubbles bakit ba. Hahahaha I haven’t tried the other scents since I am really content with this one. Affordable af as well. Another thing, it is uniquely formulated with honey which restores skin moisture and then mulberry extracts which does the lightening. Lastly, I love it’s packaging which is classy af.

Priva Intimate Wash Perfect Care 2-in-1 Skin lightening and firming with cooling
Now I love this one. I love the feeling of having the depths of me really cleansed. (wow depths. Big word) Some washes can really be harsh, however resorting to washing with just mild soap doesnt really resolve our lady stink. Priva, however, really leaves me feeling fresh and i love the cooling sensation. Hihihi


Celeteque Hydration Facial Moisturizer
My skin gets really dry and flaky when it’s cold, and where i work, it’s hella cold. It took me a lot of trials and errors to find one that’s willing to cooperate with my skin. So when I started using this one and saw it works, i was all, u are my new bestie! I love that it’s fragrant free, annd! It’s water based. Lightweight yet provides proper moisture.

Myra Vitawhite whitening facial
However this one works real good too! Affordable as well and worked on very light discolorations on my face. No sticky feel as well. However, the scent can still be improved I think. Lastly, no offense Myra, but I can’t use it when I have open pores. Matapang sya. I like it on my skin’s normal days naman. (And pag wala ng budget.)

Fave Oil

Bio Oil PurCellin Oil
Some claims this to lighten their scars and even stretch marks with its breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil. (but i dont think this is even on the list ingredients. or naduduling ako.) It has a lot of claims pero ayoko na makigulo, I’m only using it for its moisture. I use it overnight since I feel like it softens my skin to the point that I can scrub the dead skin off. I don’t recommend using it during the day since it’s malagkit af. On the ingredients, rose scented daw, pero nasaan?? It’s odorless for me. I’m just in for the moisture.

Johnson’s Baby Oil with Aloe Vera
This one I have used since natuto akong umarte. Helps me soften and get rid of dead skin. Heals sunburns as well. It’s oderless as well which is a good thing (I mean, if youre not sure if your patrons will like the scent, wag mo na lagyan.hahaha) Works well as makeup remover too.
Sun block

Loreal Sublime Sun Sunscreen SPF 15
I love a lot of things about this. One is because it’s lightweight and spray-on. Feels like oil upon application but dries up after a few minutes. Also, I can use it before AND after make up without altering the look I am going for. There’s a lot of hanash about its ingredients particularly the fragrance ingredients since some say that those ingredients puts skin at risk of irritation but as for me, it’s just plain perfect.


Maybelline Baby skin Pore eraser

The pore-erasing claim may have been an exaggeration and the instablur technology might be high sounding but it’s just a pretty good primer. It minimizes pores’ appearance but it doesn’t erase shit. However, I like it since it’s affordababes and makes my make up glide on my face easily.

BB cream

Etude house Precious Mineral BB Cream Blooming fit
This one comes off as pricy but an entire tube lasts more than a year. A little amount goes a long way. Something to do with it’s formulation I think, since a slight pump of the product lightens or brightens or whitens or all. It’s good and provides medium coverage as well perfect for everyday use. img_20170103_033223
LA girl Pro.BB cream HD beauty balm
A little amount if this bb provides decent coverage already. Makes me feel as though I’m applying foundation, minus the heavy feel. It’s really lightweight and odorless too. I just love it! #MTMG

Pressed Powder

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SanSan 2 way cake foundation 06
It’s two way! So I can use it as an everyday powder but I can also use it when I’m going for full coverage during occasions or when I just need to look smashing. charot This used to be a rage among filipina beauty bloggers, and andaming hanash. But to me, it’s perfect. perfect for filipina skin and for our weather as well. A little goes a long way as it can be cakey when you get too excited applying it. #MTMG

Maybelline White Superfresh
Now this one was introduced as the no touch up powder foundation which kind of lives up to it. Upon application at the start of my day, I would only touch up once. twice when called for in certain situations. (i.e aly and I will be taking selfies) Also, this is one of the most affordable drugstore powders we have in our market. Plus, the minimalist packaging is a win. #MTMG


Careline Pimple Concealer
What I hate about concealers is the weight they put on my face and how they tend to block and suffocate my pores. This one however is very lightweight, but with pros comes cons. So this being a lightweight concealer, coverage isnt that high as well but enough to hide what needs to be hidden. I like using this if I intend on being in airconditioned environment since the coverage it provides will not survive outdoors. So I only use this when I’m usually at work. It comes off easily as well at the end of the day when i need to take off my make up. Cutie packaging as well! I admit, I have a thing for packaging.

EB lip and cheek tint in Very Red
This tint is also certified #MTMG. An intire tube lasts long since the product is highly pigmented, requiring me to squeeze out just a little and lasts me the entire day. It alse sets prettier on my cheeks through out the day. This is one our holy grails. Aly uses the other variant, the darker one, since she’s morena.

NARS Orgasm
Aside from being a blush, it doubles up as my highlighter too! I don’t use it daily, just on days when I need to blind someone since it has sparkling particles that fakes glowing and radiant skin. I love how it works on my skin, #MTMG, the packaging is really chic as well. The only thing I don’t like about it is its price. (It’s not for broke girls, I’m telling you)

-Nichido Multiple Stick in South Beach

NarS Orgasm dupe ladies. Cheap ass version.

-Maybelline Creamy Baby Lips

I tend to bite my lips too hard depending on the situation and they get chapped in the cold which I hate so you can always find a baby lippie on my pocket or purse. If you’re not the nude lip kind of girl and you’re not the bold lip kind either, baby lip is the answer. Your lips only better.

fb_img_1483820414457-Maybelline Creamy Mattes

My red revival has gotten me through a lot of situations. Its the kind of red which you can control. Like for example, on a casual day I could use it to just add a hint of color on my face so I dont look like a ghost. On days when I’m not in the mood to look girl next door, one firm swipe on each lip, pucker up, strap ’em heels and I already feel like my to do list is to conquer the world. It’s just so manageable af. #MTMG

They all got me through 2016. I love self care and I think every girl should, too. Taking care of yourself and feeling beautiful doesnt have to cost a lot. You just have to find what works for you.

To a prettier 2017, ladies!