I started running when I was in 4th year college. Well actually, you can’t even call that running kasi dalawang ikot pa lang sa Ynares Sports Stadium ng Antipolo pagoda tragedy na ako. I would always end up stopping.. and not starting again. In short, umuuwi na ako at kakain after dalawang ikot. Very productive, right? But.. that was when I realized I have to overcome katamaran and katakawan. Besides, running is very addictive. It became my outlet kapag sobrang stressed na ko sa studies and even until now sa work. I even have a separate pair of running shoes sa locker ko sa office. I’d always run whenever I want to feel something else other than exhaustion. Which is yeah, very ironic because DUH, Aly?? Would you not get tired din naman after running a couple of miles?!

No. Exhaustion from stress and getting tired after a good run or workout is far different from one another.

Girl, look at the mirror. What do you look like after getting exhausted from work shit and study shit? YEAH RIGHT. Eyebags. Saggy, unhealthy skin. Kahit anong brand pa ng color corrector ang ipahid mo diyan sa eyebags mo hindi yan mako-correct unless you have the money then yes you can go ahead and visit Mareng Vicki. You might even want to slap any person next to you because iritado ka as hell. And what do you get after a good run or workout? BULLSEYE. You feel your heart pumping so fast. You lessen the calories you have gained after eating that yummypalooza burger, pizza, fries and all those carbs during lunch breaks. It will also make your skin firm because your muscles will be enhanced, eliminating the fats which will eventually and surely lead to weight loss. And you wouldn’t want to slap anybody anymore because you are too focused on keeping your pace, balance and rhythm.

Here are some App that could help you with your running:

1. Nike Running App (Android, IOS)


This is my bestfriend (aside from Kim, ofc). Lots of useful features and you can even personalize your runs whether it’s indoor running or outdoor running. By the end of your run, the screen displays the date, a map of your run, the distance, average pace and duration of the run. You can also navigate it by telling Siri to do so (for IOS), whether to stop the run, pause or end. Pwede mo din siyang i-connect sa spotify mo and personalize your sound tracks and playlists!

2. Runkeeper (Android, IOS)


Runkeeper gets more vote than Nike for some reason. I have tried using it before with my android phone but eventually went back to Nike.

3. Strava Running and Cycling (Android, IOS)


This can also be used for running although it is more popular in the cycling world. But we’ll never know, you might eventually get interested in cycling, too.

You can also use some of these running watches:

1. Tomtom Spark 3

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2. Garmin Forerunner 235

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3. Apple Watch Series
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Okay. Can I just say this one looks so pretty?!

I have joined a couple of running events and hit my first 21k last September. I was actually targeting my 21K to be accomplished by next year, before my birthday but it seems that my feet are more excited than me in meeting my goals. So for 2017, let’s see what my feet has to offer. (Okay, that sounds a bit wrong.)

For amateur running, you can always start by just plugging in your earphones, listen to good music and just run. Simple as that. That’s how I started. But I strongly encourage you to use the apps above or the watches if you have the budget since it is more handy because eventually, I am betting my ass you would want to measure the distance and watch your pace while you run.