Preparation Time: Less than 30 mins.

Cooking Time: 4 hours (Latter half of work shift)

2 broke girls
An idle afternoon at work
Fast af office internet connection
1 shared work station
Bored to the limit minds


-Talk about how broke the two of you are.

-Imagine what you would want to do if only you weren’t broke
-Get excited over the soon-to-come 13th month pay, Christmas bonus and other bonuses
-Get depressed over allocating and budgeting money over family, bills, responsibilities and fantasies
-Give each other hope that you could still have your dream getaway despite the brokenness going on in your bank accounts
-Talk about how nice restaurants are in Baguio, and places there that would be so nice to visit i.e. Bencab
-Check menus and plan your what-to-eat, where-to-go and what-to-do
-Calm each other after getting excited about strawberry picking

Optional (but not for us)
-Plan OOTDs (it’s okay to be broke, but it’s not okay to look like you are)
-Trigger thought of creating a blog by making each other promise to take good photos-blogger style
-Ask each other if you can handle a blog ( I mean, there are times we can’t handle ourselves, could we really handle a blog?)
-Encourage each other that maybe blogging is what you are made for
-Scratch that thought! (Let’s be realistic here)

Sauce (Maryosep)

-Choose your blog platform
-Quietly fight over what you’re going to name your blog Note: avoid stabbing each other
-Google (yes, this could be used as a verb) catchy blog names and judge how some people could have possibly named their blogs with really depressing blog names.
-Agree that the blog name should have the word ‘broke’ in it. (Since it is one of our many common denominators)

Final Touches

Alyssa: is it okay to call our blog  The Daily Broke? Like, would you be comfortable telling people, ‘hey, my blog is..The daily broke’ ?

Kim: Yeah. I mean, I am so open about being broke..

**Erupt in laughter practically disturbing the entire office**

-Calm each other down and create blog

Notes: We celebrated having created a blog by taking our supposedly 15 minutes break to an hour long break. The boss didn’t notice. Maybe he did, he just didn’t mind at the time.

Rambling about random stuff is one of our main hobbies so expect a load of rambles from us. (winky face)


Aly and Kim